Chelseas Transfers In The Summer.

Chelseas Transfers In The Summer. Chelseas Transfers In The Summer.

I wont talk with about all the rumours of Chelseas transfers I will talk about what I think that Chelsea need to get.Strikers No changes, yes it will be surprising Marcus Allen Jersey but we dont need another striker to get into the mix, Torres and Ba will fight together and Lukaku have to get more chances, Ba, Torres Lukaku will be so great together and we could afford playing in a 4-4-2 if we have to get another striker in and try to win and it wont hurt our rotation.Deep Midfielders Another position that we had trouble in with the rotation and again, we dont need another midfielder we have Oriol Romeu coming back from injury, Lampard staying for another year, McEachran, Chalobah E sien coming back from succe sful loans, Luiz , Ramires Mikel that were great this season. So we have no problems there in terms of rotation but I dont believe that Luiz will play a lot as a centre midfield with the new manager so maybe we will try to loan Chalobah and McEachran again and rotate the midfielders with Oriol, Lamps, Ramires, Mikel and E sien.Right Back Now that Ivanovic is playing as a centre back and doing an amazing job there Azpilicueta left the only Right Back that is on the level that Chelsea want to reach next season, Ferreira has pa sed it and need to leave not just for us, but for him too, Hutchinson is coming back Howie Long Jersey from loan at Nottingham Forrest where he suffered a lot of injuries so you can call him an Injury Prone so maybe getting another Right Back that will be a cover for Azpilicueta and it will be hard, there are not so many Right Backs that are on the level of being on the bench but still can be helpfull when coming on as a sub. Maybe Lorenzo Melgarejo from Benfica who did a good job stopping Ramires runs in the Europa League final and he can play both Left Back and Right Back. Left Back Bertrand and Cole are good, I know that Cole is better but Bertrand is good from the bench and can donate both defensively and offensively, maybe he lack experience like Ashley but he is good enough for us, but we need to start thinking about season 2014/15 I know it sounds very far away but from next season we need to start looking for Ashley Coles replacement, maybe Luke Shaw another Englishmen or Davante Adams T Shirts Alex Sandro from Porto who is doing a great job there and Chelsea know already how to get players from the Portuguese side.Center Back Maybe another position that we had trouble to rotate this season but next season we will have a lot more freedom, and we have to say thank you for Benitez for that job because if not him, Ivanovic would have been a Right Back for all season and not play as a Center Back for the majority of the season like he did, Cahill is on top-form, Luiz can be vital next season and believe or not just John Terry is the problem because he didnt play as much as he had too this season but every time he is on the pitch, the defence are more under control and that what we need from a captain, leader, legend.Goalkeepers Hilario will probably retire after ending his contract with Chelsea, and Turnbull also ending his career at Chelsea after ending his contract too. So that leaves us with Blackman and Courtois that coming back from Atletico Madrid. And Courtois was on the headlines as reports are saying that Cheslea will agree to the deal of 30-40M + Courtois for Falcao, and in long-term vision this transfer will just hurt us, Falcao has maybe 2-3 years, 4 years at best to maintain this level and Courtois is a thinking of the future as Cech is already 30 and Courtois has maybe K.J. Wright Jersey 10-13 years to be Chelseas first goalkeeper.Attacking Midfielders Hazard, Mata, Oscar, Moses, Marin, Kevin De Bruyne, T. Hazard, Lucas Piazon sounds good for Chelsea right? I agree this are the attacking midfielders that will lead us next season, maybe not Thorgan Hazard but every body else will, Marin will hopefully make the money we spent on him justice and Piazon will be in and out of the squad. Malouda (a key player 2 seasons ago, wasnt even on the bench for one game this season) and Benayoun will leave, both have alreaady confirmed that. Malouda is maybe the saddest story of all, we didnt saw him all season, he is upset that he is training with the Under-18 team and 2010s players player of the year for Chelsea is now one of the most unknown players in the world.So that way, without spending a lot of money on young talents Chelsea will have a good team competing for the Premier League, Super Cup, Champions League and FA Cup 4 trophies that Chelsea will want to win next season. Now I dont say that what I wrote will happen but I think thats the best way to spend the summer for Las Vegas Raiders Golf Sporting Goods Chelsea.


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